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Beurer EM 59

The Beurer EM 59 Digital TENS/EMS device with heat function

EMS/TENS device with heat function & 4 electrodes
2 channels : 2 separately adjustable channels
Accessories : 4 self-adhesive gel electrodes (45 x 45 mm)
70 training programs : 64 pre-programmed applications, 6 customisable programs: Programmable frequency, pulse width, on/off time
Doctor’s function : For perfect co-ordination with your personal therapy programme
EMS technology : Electrical muscle stimulation for muscle training and regeneration
Heat function : Heat function Combination of heat and TENS
Pulse shape : Biphasic rectangular pulses
Safe application : Integrated safety switch-off
TENS technology : Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation for pain relief without medication or side effects
Best Selling
EM 59 Heat replacement set

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  • Angelique Kerber

    Angelique Kerber’s recommendation:
    EM 59 with heating function from Beurer

    “Every strain has to be followed by relief so that my body can feel as good as possible
    recovered. That’s why I’m giving him exactly the support he needs.”

    – Angelique Kerber

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