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The AS 99 Pulse Bluetooth® is the ideal companion for optimal activity and sleep tracking. It measures the pulse on the wrist using an optical sensor. Heart rate can also be recorded live using the adidas Runtastic app.Read More.

-Pulse measurement on the wrist with optical sensor
-Notifications via calls, SMS & messages
-Bluetooth® for transferring data to your smartphone
-Colour touchscreen
-Activity and sleep tracking
-Records activity & sleep data and transfers data to your smartphone
-Activity tracking: number of steps, distance covered, calculation of calorie consumption, duration of activity and achievement of daily activity target
-Sleep tracking: tracks movements during sleep and sleep duration on date, time and battery status indicator
-Memory capacity for 5 days/5 nights
-Move reminder / stopwatch
-Live tracking of heart rate via adidas Runtastic etc.
-Alarm function: vibration alarm
-Integrated search function (AS99/smartphone)
-Li-ion battery
-Included in delivery: AS 99 activity sensor
-wrist band and charging cable + charging bay
-Remote timer for smartphone camera
-Including free “beurer HealthManager Pro” or “beurer HealthManager” app: Keep track of measurements and body data at any time

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